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Do your research and know exactly what kind of Shepherd you want, just companionship and natural protection, or do you want to train the Shepherd for a specific job ? You will have to have the breeder help you single out the puppies in the litter that fits what you want your Shepherd for.

Read up on breed info

Do Not go into the process of Purchasing a German Shepherd Puppy until you do some research on the breeds Care, Attributes, and Downfalls. A German Shepherd is not the breed for everyone. But if you are looking for a dog top love, obey and protect you then a German Shepherd will fit all those needs.

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Pure Breeding

Purebred papers should include:    A family tree (pedigree) for your dog which shows at least 5 generations of his or her bloodlines with the registered names of all the dogs.  It may also show record titles that the dogs have won and other information such as colors, bloodlines and other  notable information. This is a strong indicator your dog is a purebred. AKC does require that all breeding males after having sired one or more litters must submit and DNA Test which does prove the heritage of his parents, Thus proving that the puppy is a purebred. Also you should check and compare breed standards, colors, and type of coats. This should show you or verify that the puppy is a purebred.

Spay & Nuter

This has been a controversial subject for many years with multiple experts submitting their opinions on the subject of at what age should a puppy be spayed or neutered, will it effect their development or growth, can neutering or spaying at to early of an age increase the chances of contacting certain diseases , for example cancer or diabetes. Our suggestion to this is to consult with a local veterinarian who is familiar with the breed and come to an agreement to what is best for your puppy and your family.

Finding Pets a Home

It  should be known that you should not pick the Puppy, you should let the Puppy Pick You. Sit down among the Puppies and pay attention to the one that will not leave you when the others Romp off to play, that wants your undivided attention giving you the same. That will be your Best Friend For Ever.

Animal Licensing

We provide the application for the AKC registration when the puppy is picked up and strongly encourage the puppy owners to register their puppy with AKC,we also give instruction or even help them to prepare the papers to submit to AKC.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the public with quality well bred German Shepherds who meet or exceed the breeds standard We take great pride in selective breeding where we take the weakest traits of a female and breed her to a male who is very strong in that trait thus improving the quality of the pups and the breed in general. We breed for disposition, temperament, courage and intelligence. Our dogs know the difference in a threat or not and have the courage and intelligence to deal with it. You will never find a more loving friend, companion, or family protector.

Gunner Vom Ruff Born Dec.25th 2010. The Parents are Darko Van’t Enclavehof and Bona Von Der Siebengebirgsperle with multiple USV and Schutzhund working titles in their Pedigrees. He has excellent drives, disposition,temperament and is very protective especially with children yet very Social.

Tuff E Nuff Vom Ruff  Born June 21st 2016 The Son Of Goliath Vom Ruff and Lady Gretchen Vom Ruff. This Gorgeous Dark Sable Male Is An Excellent Mix Of Both Parents, He Has Very Good Prey and Hunt Drive With A Scent Drive That Is Unbelievable.Very Outgoing with Excellent Temperament Great with Children, He has been a good addition to our breeding program and has produced some very nice pups.

Bailey VON Der EdelweissBruke a 6 year old Female, Direct import from Germany, She is the Daughter of Leon Von Der Staatsmacht and Amy Vim Schonen Blick. Very Serious and protective female with very good drives,alot of Courage with excellent Temperament. Loves Children

Sioux Bruner Vom Ruff

Areia Vom Ruff Born June 14th 2016. The Daughter Of Goliath Vom Ruff and Lexi Vom Ruff. This impressive Black and Tan Female has Shown a Great Desire To Please and has tremendous Prey and Ball Drive, Great With Kids But Very Protective. She has been a Very Good Addition to Our Breeding Program.

Bullet Vom Ruff Born June 14th 2016. The Daughter Of Goliath Vom Ruff and Lexi Vom Ruff. This impressive Black and Tan Female has Shown a Great Desire To Please and has tremendous Prey and Ball Drive, Great With Kids But Very Protective. She has been a Very Good Addition to Our Breeding Program. Producing some very nice puppies

Rambo Vom Ruff, The Son of Goliath and Piper Vom Ruff. This male is very outgoing and Social but yet very Protective, Excellent with Children, Good Drives and Rock Solid nerves

Piper Vom Ruff Born June 17th 2015. The Daughter Of Gunner Vom Ruff and Ondra Vom Windigen Hugel With Multiple Sch 3 Titles. She Is Very Outgoing With Excellent Hunt Prey and Ball Drive.She Has Excellent Temperament Showing Alot Of Courage And Intelligence. Very Good With Children But Protective. She Has Been a good addition Our Breeding Program


Stark Vom Ruff  Born August 2nd 2019. The Daughter of Bullet Vom Ruff and Tuff E Nuff Vom Ruff. She is showing Great Courage, temperament and Disposition. She has shown a great Desire to please which has made training her very Easy. Very intelligent and outgoing, she will be a great addition to our Breeding Program, she has recently been certified as my Service Dog.

Nova Vom Vega-Haus Born May 4th 2018, The Daughter of Ace Of Spade XXI  and Cherry Blosson Vom Vega- Haus. Very Social But protective of her family. Excellent Mother and produces some very nice Pups. Very good food and Ball Drive.

Paige Von Der Bleuhaus a 4 year old Daughter of Bailey Von Der EdelweissBruke and Buck Vom Branskoff, a nice size female with good drives very protective over her family. Produces very nice pups.

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