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Finding the Perfect Pet Can Be Easy, But There’s Lots to Consider!

If you are looking for a German Shepherd puppy for sale from a reputable German Shepherd breeder, then make sure you understand as much about the dog breed as you can. Begin your research by reading the breed information about the German Shepherd puppy above, ask the breeder if they can furnish you with testimonies from previous buyers, check with AKC to see if they have had any complaints, ask how their breeding program works and if they do selective breeding. German Shepherd puppies make great pets if cared for properly.

Frequently Asked Questions
How old must the puppy be before I take it home?

We keep the puppies until they are 8 weeks old. Once they reach 8 weeks, a professional trainer does a Volhard puppy aptitude test to determine the temperament, disposition, train ability, and what the pup will be suitable for also all pups will carry our kennels name as their last name, The last 2 weeks is critical for learning pack structure and developing their own personality.

How Much Do they Cost?

You should expect to pay from $800.00 and up for a quality Puppy.

Will I need Additional Veterinarian Services?

We require all of our Customers to take their puppy to a Veterinarian of their choice within 3 business days from the date of purchase. This is for a Health Check and to get the puppy started with the Vet. The puppy will require yearly booster shots, rabies shot.

How long does the process take?

The purchase process can usually be done in about an hour, It entails the customer reading and signing the purchase/ health contract, and the seller going over feeding requirements and type of food suggested, shot records, and how to file the AKC papers for the puppy and to answer any questions.

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  ! Future Owner!

Hello I can not wait for you to take me home with you to become your companion and Protector. 

Please Hurry to pick me up !! 

                                                                                          Love,  Female (#1)   Female (#2)  

Puppies We Have Sold

Female ( #1 )

This Female is From Areia and Rambo Vom Ruff. Very Alert and outgoing, Very Good Disposition and Temperament.

Female ( #2 )

This Female is the Daughter of Areia and Rambo  Vom Ruff. Great disposition and temperament and has shown alot of Courage, and Excellent protection Drive .



                                MEET THE PARENTS

Areia Vom Ruff Born June 14th 2016. The Daughter Of Goliath Vom Ruff and Lexi Vom Ruff. This impressive Black and Tan Female has Shown a Great Desire To Please and has tremendous Prey and Ball Drive, Great With Kids But Very Protective. She has been a Very Good Addition to Our Breeding Program




Rambo Vom Ruff, The Son of Goliath and Piper Vom Ruff. This male is very outgoing and Social but yet very Protective, Excellent with Children, Good Drives and Rock Solid nerves.